About Us

NFR Communications (formerly BankNews Media) has been one of the nationís most respected publishers of bank directories for more than 50 years. Currently, the company publishes online and print directories for Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Kansas, the Mountain States (including Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming), Nebraska and Oklahoma, plus the well-respected Texas Banking Red Book.

In addition to bank directories, NFR Communications offers a wide range of online and print products and services.

Its flagship publications, BankBeat Magazine and BankNews Magazine, are the leading publications for management teams at community banks in the central midwest. NFR Communications also publishes two executive newsletters, BankNews Mid-Week and The Bank Board Letter.

The companyís Contract Publishing division offers a range of services to state banking associations, from editorial and advertising sales, to design, printing and mailing. Current state publications include Florida Banking and WesternBanker.

BankBeat.biz is a leading online reference and web portal for the community banking industry.

NFR Communications, founded more than a century ago, continues to pave the way for community banking executives seeking the latest information, tools and resources.

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