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USDA Rural Development

USDA Rural Development is committed to helping improve the economy and quality of life in all of rural America. Through its programs, it touches rural America in many ways. Financial programs support such essential public facilities and services as water and sewer systems; housing; health clinics; emergency service facilities; and electric and telephone service. USDA Rural Development promotes economic development by supporting loans to businesses through banks and community-managed lending pools. It also offers technical assistance and information to help agricultural and other cooperatives get started and improve the effectiveness of their member services. And it provides technical assistance to help communities undertake community empowerment programs.

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Office of the Under Secretary: Bio
USDA Rural Development

Rural Housing Service Contacts
1400 Independence Avenue SW, Rm 5014, STOP 0701
Washington DC 20250-0701
Tel 202-692-0268

Rural Utilities Service Contacts
1400 Independence Avenue SW, Rm 4121-S, STOP 1510
Washington DC 20250-1510
Tel 202-720-9540

Rural Business-Cooperative Service Contacts
1400 Independence Avenue SW, Rm 5803-S STOP 3201
Washington DC 20250-3201
Tel 202-690-4730

USDA Rural Development

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