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Bank directories are available online or in a downloadable CSV format for Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah and Wyoming. Print directories are available for Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Mountain States, Nebraska and Oklahoma. Click here for the Texas Banking Red Book and click here for the New England Bank Directory and click here for the CBAI Directory of Illinois Financial Institutions.

Each directory contains listings of all the banks and savings institutions within the respective state. These comprehensive listings include complete contact information; bank officers and directors; locations; business hours; financial data; routing number; correspondents; and memberships. The NFR Communications Bank Directories (formerly BankNews Media), published for more than 50 years, have an unparalleled reputation for being accurate, reliable and invaluable resources for bank professionals and suppliers to the financial services industry.


Online subscriptions are sold on a per-state basis for a 6-month or 12-month period depending on the state. Select from the list below.

Site Licenses: Site licenses are available for each state. Pricing is based on number of users. For more information, contact Kristi Wagner at 800-336-1120.

CBAO Online Directory

CBAO Online Directory



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Order Kansas Fall 2021 (Now Available)
Order Kansas Fall 2021 Print/6-month Online Combo (Now Available)

Order Missouri Fall 2021 (Now Available)
Order Missouri Fall 2021 Print/6-month Online Combo (Now Available)

Mountain States 2021
Mountain States 2021 Print/Colorado 12-month Online Combo
Mountain States 2021 Print/Montana 12-month Online Combo
Mountain States 2021 Print/New Mexico 12-month Online Combo
Mountain States 2021 Print/Utah 12-month Online Combo
Mountain States 2021 Print/Wyoming 12-month Online Combo

Nebraska 2021
Nebraska 2021 Print/12-month Online Combo

Oklahoma 2021
Oklahoma 202 Print/12-month Online Combo

Indiana Directory of Financial Institutions - For print copies, contact the Indiana Bankers Association at 317-387-9380 or click here to order online.

Mississippi Bank Directory - For print copies or to order an online subscription, contact the Mississippi Bankers Association at 601-948-6366 or click here to order online.


You may also order a print directory by calling 800-336-1120.



Companies wanting to create targeted direct mail campaigns may purchase each state bank directory in comma delimited format. The comma-delimited format allows you to download and sort on all fields, such as city and asset size. To order, call 800-336-1120 or click here to order online.

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